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Studio play and sketches

Enjoy a few studio explorations done within and outside of courses at the Ohio State University during my time as a PhD student in 2020 - 2023.

borrowed sp.jpg

Markings: Borrowed Self-portrait

Markings accumulated over the course of three days in support of the production of three murals using smoke bombs by Rosemarie Fiore at Penn State on September 10, 2021.

Borrowed Self-portraits


Chance: Borrowed Self-portraits

Paper as Material

This is a playful exploration of three randomly selected terms: to dapple, to discard, to join. This project was created within Dr. j.t. Richardson's Artmaking course in Fall 2021.

Two Needles

A collaboration between Jesse Schartz and Tamryn McDermott at The Ohio State University as part of Suzanne Silver's Multidisciplinary Seminar course in Spring 2021. SOUND ON!


A collaboration between Amanda Scharf and Tamryn McDermott at The Ohio State University as part of Suzanne Silver's Multidisciplinary Seminar course in Spring 2021. 

What does it feel like to develop a relationship through the exchange of a single digital image over 30 days?​

What can we learn about how relationships develop from studying virtual interactions?​

What are the differences between how a visual artist and a poet communicate in a virtual image exchange?

Walking Project compilation

This project was created within a course called Erasure in Fall 2020 at The Ohio State University with professors Suzanne Silver and Dr. Richard Fletcher. The videos were created at Temple University's Ambler Campus. SOUND ON!

Smudges in Wax

Wax tablets were fabricated using wood, beeswax and leather. The artist repeatedly etched the words North, South, East and West into the surface of each table and smudged out in a loop. These videos are meant to be projected on four walls, aligned with the cardinal directions, at full scale in a square room.



This is an audio piece of the artist reading two separate, layered tracks from her

daily journal

audio file / 3min 48secs


Historical representation through  

the chronicle - attempt to tell a story often lacks a conclusion, left unresolved  

text as a line, not a web? 

 Hayden White says - it fails – lacks chronology  

no conclusion but ends  

What is the role of missing information?  

“ . . . the stitching was an attempt at building a muscle memory, to etch the experience over and over again so that has the potential to be more reliable, something to hold on to, something tangible.”  

[stitching - building - etch – hold] 

This act of stitching did construct a thing, a tangible thing, but its existence was short lived. It was held only briefly and then left - abandoned - however documented in a photograph - a mere representation that does still allow access - but not in the same, tangible way. The moment captured mostly through the act/process of stitching and the accumulation of stitches and muscle memory in the hands of the artist at that place, at that time. What indeed is the role of missing information? Does this act of stitching matter – does the attempt at telling a story that is left unresolved only allow for a line - not a web? Are there not connections that were being made in the process of the continued stitching day after day. A connection/mapping of the accumulation of hundreds of stitches across time and space. And in repetition of what came before and what came after? What is useful about returning to these places through memories or reenacting through the writing about, or creating a story to tell about them. Did the form matter? It led me to the act of stitching - the form each time was the resolution. Each stitch accumulated to form the brick that was then left as a part of the narrative that was being built. I don't think I focused on the metaphors I was using as much at the time, in that moment. I was aware of them, but never drilled down into what each stitch contributed that connected to the experience of actually stitching. What the act of stitching together referenced as a metaphor for constructing history. I am interested in the process of, the experience of, the act of, the performance of, the accumulation of the making of narrative, the history we continually re-construct and deconstruct only to make them new/or old again. How can something like this stitch lead me to an idea - just making the stitch - the stitch itself is the thing - not what it's connecting - that just made me think of saying “A stitch in time saves nine.” 

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